Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how OneSettle AS gathers, uses, and manages customer information obtained from our users through the OneSettle website, or through physical visits, phone calls or other interaction with OneSettle. This Policy includes information detailing when and how data is gathered as well as important information on how we handle personal data.  

Handling personal information on

When contacting OneSettle through our website, either for requesting information or registering a complaint, certain data is required for us to process this request. Using the contact form is voluntary, and when filling out the form the user is informed that the processing of their personal data is described in this Privacy Policy.

WTW AS is OneSettle´s data processor and handles all development and maintenance of our website. All information gathered through our website is stored with our data processor. All access and use of this information is regulated through a Data Processor Agreement between WTW AS and OneSettle.


OneSettle may collect non-personal identification information about users whenever they interact with our site. Non-personal identification information may include the browser name, the type of computer and technical information about user’s means of connection to our site, such as the operating system and the internet service providers utilized and other similar information.

This information is only processed in an aggregated and non-identifiable form. This means that the information gathered cannot be traced back to a user.

Cookie Policy

OneSettle may use “cookies” to enhance user experience.

Cookies are small files placed on your hard drive for record-keeping purposes and sometimes used to track information about how you use our website. You can disable cookies by changing your browser settings. For further information on the use of “cookies”, please refer to

The user must be given full disclosure of what information is gathered, what the purpose is and who the data processors are.

List of "Cookies":

Personal information gathered through the Know Your Customer process

OneSettle has an e-money license issued by the Norwegian FSA, which means that all new clients must be audited and reviewed as per the current legal requirements. We are required to perform anti-money laundering controls, reviews of true beneficiaries as well as other pertinent financial and legal controls. We will also perform other checks as deemed necessary, i.e. credit checks, credit rating and other checks in order to reduce OneSettle´s financial and legal risk.

All information gathered and obtained through these processes will be stored as per the current legal requirements and will be stored for 5 years after the customer relationship has ceased. The documents will then be deleted within a year after the 5-year period has ended.

All access to such documentation and information will be limited to scenarios where access is required for legal purposes, for example an audit by the Norwegian FSA or other KYC-related activity.

Customer inquiries and storage of data related to these inquiries

OneSettle uses an electronic archive for storing all data gathered in the customer service process, registering, storing and solving customer inquiries.

OneSettle will process personal information in order to resolve the customer inquiry and to fulfil legal commitments (for example required Know Your Customer obligations).

OneSettle will store relevant personal data like name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and other data relevant to the inquiry in question. This data will be stored in order to provide customer service.

All requests for access to the customer inquiry process will be handled as per current regulations. This means that any personal information gathered by OneSettle can be made available to the relevant authorities (i.e. the FSA).

All requests for access to data and for data take-outs will be registered and stored.

E-mail and telephone usage

OneSettle uses e-mail and telephone as tools for contacting clients, end-users and colleagues, and usage of these tools must be done in line with the current rules and regulations. Relevant information uncovered and gathered while using these tools should be registered and stored. The information must be handled as per the previous section (customer enquiries and storage of data related to these enquiries).

OneSettles staff uses e-mail in all correspondence with internal and external contacts, and all OneSettle staff members are responsible for deleting old, irrelevant or obsolete information.

No sensitive information should be sent by e-mail, as regular e-mail is unencrypted.

Telephone calls may be logged (phone numbers as well as time stamp) in our systems. This is required in order to be able to provide the required support and to respond to customer queries in the best possible manner, as well as providing basis for statistics, customer support staffing etc. Telephone logs will be anonymised and deleted in due time.

Visits to the OneSettle offices

OneSettle currently resides at three different locations: Trondheim, Oslo, and Brekstad

Trondheim: The main location for OneSettle is the WTW offices at Vestre Rosten 78. These offices have reception and all visitors are logged. The list of visitors will be stored and deleted as per current regulations.

Oslo: OneSettle is currently located in Henrik Ibsens gate 90, in the offices of House of Business, an office space provider. No sensitive information is physically stored at these premises.

Brekstad: OneSettle is currently renting office space at Meieriveien 5, 7130 Brekstad. No sensitive information is physically stored at this location.

Other relevant legislation

In addition to Norwegian Personal Data legislation, other relevant rules, regulations and legislation may have impact on how OneSettle handles personal data.

Anti-money laundering legislation sets strict requirements for the data that must be gathered, stored and processed in order to make sure OneSettle is not used for money-laundering or the financing of terrorism. This legislation also provides time frames for the period of time that OneSettle is required to store the data in question.

The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is a European privacy law set to go into effect on May 25, 2018. The GDPR regulates how individuals and organizations like OneSettle may collect, use, and retain personal data. The regulation also requires that certain safeguards are put into place when transferring data outside the EU.

Rights related to your personal data

All end-users have a right to request access to the personal data that is gathered, stored and processed at OneSettle as per both Norwegian Personal Data legislation as well as the GDPR rules and regulations.

OneSettle has provided this information in this Privacy Policy and will refer to this policy in case of any inquiries.

If your personal data is registered with OneSettle, you have the right to request access to your own personal information. You have the right to request that any incorrect or incomplete information is amended or completed.

Any inquiries relating to providing additional or amended information are free of cost and will be processed within 30 days.

Contact information


Telephone: +47 73 53 20 97

Address: Vestre Rosten 78, 7075 Tiller